Power Wall Battery

Amp Nova’s power storage wall ESS is powered by the latest Li-ion battery technology, providing users with a reliable and environmentally-friendly backup power system. Our home battery features a sleek and modern design, with high energy density and power output capabilities, as well as a long service life for added convenience and peace of mind.

Our ESS utilizes a phosphate-based battery system to minimize environmental impact and reduce the risk of thermal runaway, while also lowering production costs. Compared to other products on the market, our solar battery experiences minimal capacity loss over time, ensuring consistent and dependable energy storage for years to come.

With advanced power conversion and energy storage technologies, our ESS provides efficient power conditioning for demand management, renewable energy smoothing, and power dispatch applications. Our Li-ion battery portfolio includes cells, modules, cabinets (both indoor and outdoor), and containers, all of which offer exceptional scalability and adaptability for a wide range of residential, commercial, and utility energy storage needs. Choose Amp Nova’s ESS for a smarter and more sustainable energy storage solution.


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