Amp Nova 48V 200Ah Lithium Battery

The Amp Nova 48V Lithium Ion Battery 200Ah is a robust energy storage solution offering high capacity for applications demanding reliable and efficient power supply. Its rack-mounted design facilitates easy installation and scalability, making it an excellent choice for data centers, telecom systems, and various commercial and industrial environments. This 200Ah model ensures consistent performance and power supply, meeting the rigorous demands of your power needs.


The Amp Nova 48V 200Ah Lithium Battery is a high-performance energy storage solution specifically designed for residential applications. This battery module, integrated with an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), excels in safety, cycle life, energy density, fast charging, temperature range, and environmental protection. Its sleek and modern design adds an aesthetic appeal to its functional benefits. Amp Nova is dedicated to delivering a safe and stable power supply for residential energy storage systems, and this 200Ah server rack battery module is a testament to that commitment.


  • LFP Single Cells: Ensures long life, safety, and wide temperature range.
  • High Energy Density: Provides high power in a small, lightweight design with no pollution.
  • Fast Charging: High efficiency for quick power replenishment.
  • Built-in BMS: Protects voltage, current, and temperature throughout the entire service life.
  • Integrated Communication Interface: Enables seamless communication with inverter controller.
  • LED Indicator: Displays the State of Charge (SOC) and operating status.
  • Standardized Module: Supports parallel design and compatibility with a variety of inverters.
  • Long Design Life: Offers 15 years of stable performance and is maintenance-free.


Basic Specifications
• Rated Voltage 51.2 V (16S)
• Rated Capacity 200 Ah
• Rated Energy 10240 Wh
• Cycle Life 6000 (0.5C@25°C, 80% DOD)
• Design Lifespan 15 years
Physical Specifications
• Dimensions (L x W x H) 460*442*250 mm
• Weight 85 kg
• Cathode Material Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo₄)
• Case Material Metal
• Case Color Black
• Display Method LED + LCD Screen
Operating Specifications
• Voltage Range 44.8-56 V
• Cut-Off Voltage 44.8 V
• Recommended Charge Current ≤100 A
• Maximum Charge Current 100 A
• Maximum Discharge Current 100 A
Environmental Specifications
• Relative Humidity 5-95%
• Charging Temperature -20 to 45°C / -4 to 113°F (heating active when under 0°C / 32°F)
• Discharge Temperature Range -20 to 55°C / -4 to 131°F
• Storage Temperature Range -20 to 55°C / -4 to 131°F
• Safety CE, EMC, TUV (IEC62619)
• Transportation UN38.3

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