Amp Nova LiFePO4 High Voltage Battery

The stackable high voltage batteries are specially designed for small & medium residential applications by Amp Nova. Each module has an intelligent BMS inside, which offers over-volt, under-volt,over-current, short circuit,over-temp & low-temp protection. Meanwhile, a multi-layer safety design (material, cell, structure, fire aerosol, etc.) will also greatly enhance the safety performance of the product. It also has an elegant ID and clever structural design, is easy to install, and can also be flexibly expanded according to your needs.


The stackable high voltage battery is specially designed for medium and large residential and regional micro-grid applications by Amp Nova, Each form owns several battery modules and each high-voltage system consists of multi-level BMS(HVB+BMU), battery modules, and a battery cabinet. Built-in intelligent & high-precision BMS, combined with LFP batteries, the system has great advantages in terms of safety, cycle life, energy density, and wide temperature range.


[Easy Installation]  Lego-style stacking assembly & quickly-lock design between modules, easy and efficient installation.

[Flexible Expansion] The battery modules can be flexibly configured according to actual needs.

[LFP Cell & System safety design] Multi-level safety design (material, cell, bracket & system safety design).

[Smart Balancing]Built-in balance circuit will auto-trigger when reaches set conditions, which will greatly improve the consistency of the battery and extend your lifespan.

[Intelligent BMS] The battery management system (BMS) provides short circuit, over-voltage, low-voltage,over-temp, and low-temp protection.

[Ip65] IP65 is designed to meet most application scenarios.

[Real-time monitoring and control] Monitoring the battery operation status (Voltage, Current Temperature, SOC, etc.) in real-time.

[Maintenance-free] 15 years design life & 6000 cycles (0.5C, 80% DOD@25℃), maintenance-free during the whole lifetime, and a wide operating temperature range.


Type/Parameter ANZ-10230R2 ANZ-10230R3 ANZ-10230R4 ANZ-10230R5
Battery Module Type ANZ-10230R
Module Number 2 3 4 5
Rated Voltage(V) 204.8 307.2 409.6 512
Voltage Range(V) 179.2~224 268.8~336 358.4~448 448~560
Rated Energy(Wh) 6144 9216 12288 15360
Standard Discharge Current(A) 30
Dimension:W*H*D (mm) 698*1140*130 698*1530*130 1596*1200*130 1596*1530*130
Weight(kg) 88 122 156 190
Environment Parameter
Charge Temperature Range(℃) 0~45
Discharge Temperature Range(℃) -20~60
Installation Method Floor-mounted
Service Life
Cycle Life (Time) > 6000(0.5C @25℃,80% DOD)
Design Life (Year) 15
Safety & Certification CE, IEC62619
Transportation UN38.3

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